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Art with meaning exploring sexuality and identity.
Join me in exploring vulnerability, erotic expression, and identities which simultaneously celebrate and chafe against modern feminism.

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The collections
:: Intrinsic Illustrations ::

:: The Wisdom of Women ::

Raven Rohrig stands in front of her wall of vellum art.


Hello Art Lover! I am so glad you are here. I am a third-generation professional artist. My days are spent painting, running a full time creative business and generally thinking about all things art. I am passionate about being a creator and love making art with you in mind. 

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Mixed media ink illustration on paper titled "From the Heart"

Intrinsic Illustration

A creative block turned beautiful illustration. These original illustrations tell meaningful stories.

A journal customized with Raven's original artwork of a Raven.


Wear or share "The Wisdom of Women," and send meaningful messages in a set of print quality cards.

A mixed media portrait using embroidery and found objects titled "Claire"

Wisdom of Women

Feminine portraits empowering viewers and bringing power to any space.

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