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The Beauty of Dusk

The Beauty of Dusk


Gouache and Ink on Paper

3.5 x 2.5 inches

7 x 6 inches (framed)


Kink is about vulnerable play between consenting adults. For some, this means sexual play, for others it may not be sexual at all. Regardless, kink allows for one to surrender in ways not typically available, and in pre-arranged, safe contexts.


Through kink, one finds connection with self and tender care from others. Kink involves exploring beyond normative experiences of pleasure and surrendering inhibitions to the moment and to the trust of another.


Some of my work comes from places of deep personal meaning, others come from a place of play, but in both cases the resulting artwork are pieces of authenticity. "The Beauty of Dusk" is a playful piece of kink art bringing visibility for those in the kink community and for whom the piece resonates and affirms.


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  • Buying and Hanging Tips

    • The is a small piece offering discreteness if so desired. Place it where you feel comfortable with more vulnerable art, and where it might bring affirming visibility to you everyday.
    • The size of this piece makes it suitable as wall art or tabletop art.
    • Locations to consider for this piece: Primary or Master Bedroom, as Master bathroom art, or perhaps you value its visibility as livingroom art!
  • Visual Description of "The Beauty of Dusk"

    A mixed media ink illustration titled "The Beauty of Dusk" is shown. The artwork is 2.5 by 3.5 inches and features blank ink on paper with circular color accents. Two color accents are shown in the form of asymetrical circles, one orange, the other turquoise. Depicted in the image is the figure of a person as seen from the back. The figure is incomplete in its depiction with only a section of the back shown, the buttocks, and back upper thighs. An arm gently wraps around the upper torso as if held in a hug from the side. The person shown wears a leather hip harness with rivets and metal rings connecting the sections of the harness.

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