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The "Scribble Art" project is an ongoing series of illustrations completed during creative play. This first round of completed works will be released on Friday, September 18th at 11 AM MST.

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Coming September 18th

11 am MST

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:: Scribble Art ::

For the past few months, I have added creative breaks to my studio practice. These breaks help me access a creative mindset and find that coveted state of flow. Scribble art is one of my favorite breaks. What is scribble art? Well, it is when I let my pen take over and scribble with freedom. From these marks, I look for the images that present themselves and I draw in the details to reveal them. This is a wildly exciting way to create. By loosening up and allowing my mind to let go, I settle into spontaneity and find tiny pieces of unique art.

A preview of the "Scribble Art" series

:: Scribble Art ::

- release details -

When: Friday, September 18th at 11 AM MST

What: 8 original illustrations

$20.00 USD each


(shop opens at 11AM MST)

Fear not, these will not replace my current work. In fact, they help me relax so I can keep creating the in-depth work you all know and love.

Consider these, tokens of creative inspiration; fit for any collector.


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