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Raven Rohrig

Fine Artist

Raven Rohrig was born in 1985 on the Western Slope of Colorado. She is a self-trained illustrator and multimedia artist. As a third-generation visual artist, the seeds were planted in Rohrig’s mind at a young age that creating was her life’s work. By employing inks, paints, thread, and found objects in her bodies of work she explores the erotic, vulnerability, and queer connection which simultaneously celebrate and chafe against feminist art practices. She has exhibited her work throughout the state of Colorado. Rohrig lives and works in Denver, Colorado.

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Artist Statement

Drawn To You

It’s all about energy for me. When translating what I dream up into a final work of art I get a feeling of wholeness as I move through my creative process. Bringing my visions to life gives me a high that propels me from one detail to the next, with the ultimate thrill being a finished work of art. The rush I get when someone is drawn to my work brings the whole experience together - it’s a moment of recognition for all the time I spent toiling away.


Documentation is the foundation of my process. My work starts with sketching and note taking, followed by experimentation of supplies and concepts and finishes with bringing all I learned into a final cohesive and expressive work of art. Across all of my collections, I explore a variety of mediums ranging from, but not limited to, acrylic paint, ink, graphite, watercolor, gouache, and found objects. My process is rich with observation and attention to detail. 


At the heart of my work is my expression of queer authenticity and passion. My contemporary portraits explore the mystery of feminine energy through resting lip lines, shrouded eyes, and objects that hold personal symbolism. My illustrations are created to tell stories of transformation, embodiment, connection, and the erotic. Through my raven portraits I explore my deep emotional responses to life’s moments.


My practice with art is wonderfully bound to my understanding of the world around me and the world within me. All my senses are captivated when I create, carrying me away to be lost in the magic of making, something I am grateful to take the time to appreciate everyday.


3 Generations of Makers

I am a third-generation artist. My grandfather specialized in lapidary work bringing skill and ingenuity to his craft. Mark Rohrig, my father, is a celebrated Western Art painter, specializing in mystic realism of Native Americans of the West. To view Mark's work follow the link below.

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