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Raven Rohrig
Fine Artist Bio

Raven Rohrig (they/them) is a contemporary artist in the Denver Metro lgbtq community whose primary art forms include figurative ink illustration, and mixed media portraits. Raven's art explores sexuality and identity, and centers body-inclusive, gender-inclusive, pleasure-positive, and kink-positive subject-matter.

Raven is the sole owner and operator of Raven Rohrig Fine Arts LLC., based in Denver Colorado. Raven's studio is situated just moments away from the Art District on Santa Fe, RiNo Art District, and Downtown Denver; spaces where one will frequently encounter their artwork for sale.

Often influenced by their life's moments, Raven's art is ever evolving. Their current exploration incorporates two contemporary bodies of work:

Intrinsic Illustrations

​Ink illustrations on paper leveraging fine line details, pointillism, illustrative techniques, and mixed media depicting figurative human, fauna, and flora elements.

Wisdom of Women

Mixed media, figurative portraiture incorporating watercolor, gouache, acrylic, found objects, embroidery, and experimental treatments on paper and canvas.


The resulting artwork ranges in sizes from small (2"x2"), to large (36"x40") pieces. Final pieces are framed, with the help of local framers, under Raven's strict guidance and in adherence to their exacting standards.

Folks purchasing Raven's work can rest assured that the final product is one of fine detail, high quality, and well suited to hang or display in both formal and informal settings according to the collector's preferences.

Raven's art is available for purchase through gallery appearances, pop up art shows and markets, and open studio moments in the Denver Metro area. Folks can also buy Raven's original artwork on their website through their online art shop.


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