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Raven Rohrig

Fine Artist

Hi, I am Raven Rohrig, a third-generation fine artist, painting full-time from my studio at Prism Workspaces in Downtown Denver. Growing up in my father’s art studio, I developed a passion for living a creative life and supporting myself through creative work. I learned to paint through years of personal exploration and dedication to developing my skills. In 2016 I took the leap to live my dreams and became a full-time artist and creative entrepreneur. Since becoming a professional artist, I have shown my work through solo, group, and juried shows throughout Colorado. Currently, my work can be found on this website ( When I am not painting, you can find me spending time with family and friends enjoying the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado!

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Artist Statement


My paintings represent feminine power and the divinity in the feminine body. Serving as feminist emblems.

My work brings me a deep sense of personal love and connection with femininity. The portraits I paint are born from a desire to express my feelings of power and sovereignty despite the imposed expectations of women today. I tackle these issues subtly through resting lip lines, shrouded eyes, and compelling body language. These details, coupled with my unique color palette, create portraits that are mysterious and empowering.


Beginning with a sketch, inspired by the people around me, or from my own physical body, my portraits are made with attention to detail and design in every step. Privately, when exploring how I feel I often move my body into positions that help portray feminine power. Through this exercise, I find inspiration for the women I paint. After a final sketch is completed, I begin writing, exploring, and designing a storyboard of how the sketch, color palette, composition, and surface will ultimately create an impactful portrait. Core to my craft, this process is exciting, introspective, immersive, and captures otherwise fleeting moments of creativity.


My paintings are an opportunity for me to address self-empowerment, self-reflection, and expectations of women. The opportunity to explore these and other issues inspires me to continue painting and create with more clarity around what these women mean to me and others. Currently, I am inspired to create portraits viewers can relate to and find strength in, as I do. With this, I am inspired and driven to include all women.


3 Generations of Makers

I am a third-generation artist. My grandfather specialized in lapidary work bringing skill and ingenuity to his craft. Mark Rohrig, my father, is a celebrated Western Art painter, specializing in mystic realism of Native Americans of the West. To view Mark's work follow the link below.