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Raven Rohrig

Fine Artist

Raven Rohrig, a Colorado-based artist, has been feverishly painting since 2014 with a skilled hand in capturing her two subjects.  Rohrig’s inspiration comes from a childhood spent in her father’s studio and a desire to express her emotions through her art. Since becoming a full-time painter in 2016, Rohrig continues to hone her style as a contemporary painter of both birds and women. With a wide-ranging color palette and a unique vision for portraiture, Rohrig’s work explores emotions through her subjects and how best to convey her visions to the viewers.

About My Work

The Wisdom of Women

This series of contemporary portraits uplift individual femininity. These works are our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, us. I am captivated by the sovereignty and power of these portraits; these women are unapologetically who they are. Igniting conversations and lingering in the mind they remind us of our sovereignty and our intrinsic value.

A Lonely Flock

A contemporary approach to portraiture, “A Lonely Flock” captures my love of birds and the inspiration they provide. I am fascinated by how the subject’s stationary posture on the canvas conveys compelling emotions and leaves me feeling connected to the animal. Presenting each subject as the focal point, removed from the broader natural surroundings, I provide a more intimate look at the birds I love.

3 Generations of Makers

Raven Rohrig is a third-generation artist. Raven's grandfather specialized in lapidary work bringing skill and ingenuity to his craft. Mark Rohrig, Raven's father, is a celebrated Western Art painter, specializing in mystic realism of Native Americans of the West. To view Mark's work follow the link below.

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