Fine art that validates feminine sovereignty, elicits visceral emotions and brings beauty to the altar and home.


W · O · M · A · N

Expanding on the series "The Wisdom of Women," I explore mixed media with a new collection of portraits. Each portrait contributes to a cohesive collection in its own unique way.


"W·O·M·A·N" is a collection celebrating women's innate creativity and the power of feminine expression.

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Painting of a raven calling


Hello Art Lover! I am so glad you are here. I am a third-generation professional artist. My days are spent painting, running a full time creative business and generally thinking about all things art. I am passionate about being a creator and love making art with you in mind. 

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Scribble Art

A creative block turned beautiful illustration. These original illustrations tell meaningful stories 

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Wear or share "The Wisdom of Women," and send meaningful messages in a set of print quality cards.

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Fine art prints fit for any art collector. This collection expands as new originals are completed.