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:: Memories of a Life ::

I created "Memories of a Life" as a response to a deeply sorrowful time in my family and my life. At a moment when all seemed to come crashing down - the ending of a fairytale - this painting visited me and was etched in my mind.

After two years of slowly meeting with this painting, I have completed this portrait and am so relieved to have it fully realized in my life. "Memories of a Life" is a look back on one's days spent in the company of love and companionship. It is also a moment for those left behind to look up and say farewell - for now.

I am thankful to have the opportunity to paint my feelings and experiences. This is where all my work comes from and how each painting, drawing, mixed media starts. A spark followed by a flash of images, a visual representation of how I feel.


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Unknown member
Apr 05, 2021

Hi Raven, I love it. Thank you for sharing. You art is so amazing. Good to hear from you, its been awhile. Hopefully we can all be together again soon. Love you, Paula

Apr 05, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, Paula. It is good to share again. I hope we can all be together again too. I miss all the lovely people💕 Hoping you are well.

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