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Ooooh, that is what they meant...

Over the last month, I stepped out of my comfort zone and reached high! I took a dream and turned it into reality by asking a simple question. Lucky for me the universe answered back with love and positivity. It all started with getting clear with myself and setting some dreams into motion. Here is a prime example: for the last two years, I have been seeking perfection, feeding the fear and avoiding asking galleries to carry my work. How limiting! BIG news! One said yes! I was honestly shocked at how simple this was. Even if I would have received a no, I know it still would have been just as simple and I would have been just as proud of taking the steps forward.

How did I set my perfectionism and fear in the backseat? (At least for a moment...because let's be honest, this is going to be a lifelong journey!) Well, I FINALLY learned the necessity of setting goals. And not just any goals, but setting attainable goals. Not aiming too high and not setting my expectations too low. Funny how this took me so many years to learn something this simple yet so powerful.

The goals I set are meant to be worked on throughout this year. I am calling these stepping goals. Imagine these are like stones spanning a stream, each one taken gets you closer to the other side and each one is necessary to successfully reach your destination. My goals are about growth, the journey, and celebrating along the way. In celebration, I am happy to share my thoughts and new gallery representation!

What a boost it is to attack and accomplish items on my dream list! Once I knocked one stepping goal out, I couldn't help but tackle another. Now I see why goal setting is so important. That feeling of being flush with joy and success when you achieve one, GOODNESS that is fuel for the soul!!

Without further ado, I am happy to announce The Main Street Gallery in Grand Junction, CO is now carrying my work. Both of my ongoing series are available for purchase! Check-in regularly for new works This beautiful gallery is located on Grand Junction's thriving, art-inspired, and historic main street. Here you can find beautiful art to fit any collector's taste and budget.

The Main Street Gallery

412 Main Street

Grand Junction, CO 81501


Visit GALLERY REPRESENTATION for available works

Thanks for reading Art Lovers, I would love to hear your thoughts! Are you a goal setter? What goals have helped you live your dream?


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