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Gouache and Ink on Paper

16 x 16 inches

19 x 19 inches (framed)



Take a moment and ask yourself - "what does bodily autonomy mean to me?" Having a body with a uterus, steeped in national debate, and beholden to harmful policy decisions continues to marginalize millions.


"Autonomy" was created around the time of the Roe v. Wade ruling in the United States. A moment when the beauty, softness, and validity of autonomy for bodies with uteruses needed protection, uplifting, and love.


For me, and others I'm sure, reproductive loss closely parallels the fight for bodily autonomy. Our society simplifies womanhood down to "childbearing" ability. Sadly, my uterus was taken from me for life saving medical reasons, years ago. "Autonomy" provided a moment of farewell to a part of me I will forever miss.


While exploring the spontaneous lines that started the piece, the body stood out first, followed by the hand, and a welcome softness within the lines. The moon provided a reminder of our indisputable connection to the universe - moon cycles which literally move life's rhythms around the world.


Coincidentally, the ovum showed itself just before the Roe v. Wade decision was released from the Supreme Court. This piece became personal as it coalesced with current events, emerging as a piece of reproductive rights artwork.


We are more than our reproductive capabilities, and yet our society would have us question our womanhood in the absence of a uterus, or trans manhood for men with uteruses, or non-binary validity for non-binary people with uteruses.


Our bodies are not a topic of debate. "Autonomy" is a moment of softness and solidarity for all people with, or who once had, uteruses. It is a reminder of our beauty and connection to universal cycles. And, it's a call for allies to fight for the fragile rights we're barely holding on to today.

  • Tips for Collectors

    • Take a quiet moment just for you and visualize this piece in your life. Where does your intuition place it?
    • Hang this piece where its power resonates for you: Bedroom, Living room, Office, Study or Studio, or Lobby!
  • Visual Description of "Autonomy"

    A black and white ink illustration on paper titled "Autonomy" is shown. Elements within the illustration include a full moon in the top right corner, the left half of a torso facing the viewer with a breast on the left side of the paper, an ovary, with ovum, attached to a fallopian tube resting above a gently resting left hand coming in from the right side of the piece.


    Soft, fine lines provide intricate detail combining techniques of line art and pointillism. Two amorphous, colorful halo's accent the piece, one mint green, and the other a burnt orange. The moon is encircled by a mint-green halo as well.

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