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Falling out of Rage Softly

Falling out of Rage Softly


22 x 30 inch (artwork only)

28 x 35 inch framed illustration visual art

Mixed media gouache and ink on paper


I love the journey my larger pieces take me on. "Falling Out of Rage Softly" was a wonderfully affirming journey of releasing rage and reclaiming once lost pleasure.


"Falling Out of Rage Softly" came to me during a time when I felt compelled to reclaim joy in my life, and for me, part of that joy was locked up in the inability to access my own pleasure for many years. The body elements in this piece are intentionally sexual as allusions to my reclamation of pleasure.


As the creator of the piece, any meaning I imbue on a piece is short lived and will quickly be usurped by meanings imbued by my collectors - a process which feels magical to me. Nonetheless, "Falling Out of Rage Softly" represents a plurality of symbolism I just have to share.


The mouth agape in anger symbolizes the release of rage for the loss of access to pleasure as depicted. The Cicada and its seventeen year lifecycle offers symbols of resurrection and overwhelming emergence. Finally, the body prostrate, spreading into the earth as it peers into the water to see itself bursting up from the water in an energetic emergence of passion symbolizes submitting to one's own intuitive pleasure.


I hope this piece brings a sense of peace to others who's pleasure may be out of reach. "Falling Out of Rage Softly" shows us that a moment of reclamation of self is possible. The human condition is ephemeral: what was once lost can be yours to reclaim in your time.


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  • Buying and Hanging Tips

    • This is a large empowerment piece! Hang it where it's message of pleasure and reclamation bring empowerment to your day!
    • A wonderful piece to hang in a Master Bedroom, or as a prominent piece for your living room art collection, or perhaps as a moving addition to your home office!
  • Visual Description of "Falling Out of Rage Softly"

    Shown is a larger 30 inch by 22 inch visual art gouache and ink illustration on tea colored paper. Three color halos accent the piece, one small red halo in the bottom left corner, a medium sized halo encircling a drawing of a mouth in the bottom right quadrant, and a large yellow halo encircling multiple elements in the upper two thirds of the artwork. Floral, faunal and human elements make up the illustration. Human elements include a screaming mouth in the bottom right quadrant; a person in a foreshortened posture on their hands and knees in the top left quadrant with their head toward the viewer; and the profile of a woman's body arched backward, bursting out of water, revealing breasts and shading of the mons pubis. Faunal elements include a detailed illustration of a Cicada with wings resting on its side. The Cicada occupies the top right quadrant. Finally floral elements shown include numerous marigolds behind the prostrate body in the top left quadrant. Illustrative techniques used include various line weights, fine line details, and pointillism.

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