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How I Became A Lover

How I Became A Lover


3.5 x 2.5 inches ink illustration visual art on paper

7 x 6 inches (Framed)

Ink on Paper


Sometimes entire stories are captured in the smallest of packages. That's the case with "How I Became a Lover."


"How I Became a Lover" explores relationships beyond the normative platonic or romantic options. Specifically, this piece tells of consenting sexual relationships as valid on their own. "How I Became a Lover" is a story of deep intimacy and vulnerability blossoming between consenting adults without the progression of a "relationship escalator."


Standing in their own significance, beyond the limitations of platonic or romantic relationships, these shared moments can catalyze new levels of self actualization and lead us to discover internal truths not yet encountered. Intimacy like this, and the resulting revelations may reverberate and leave an indelible impact on our own story forever.


For some, there's beauty and depth to be found in a rendezvous. "How I Became a Lover" depicts that beauty.


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  • Buying and Hanging Tips

    • Place this piece where intimacy, softness, connection and sensuality are welcome.
    • A great piece for the Master Bedroom or anywhere Sensual Art feels affirming.
  • Visual Description of "How I Became a Lover"

    Shown is a 3.5 by 2.5 inch ink on paper visual art illustration titled "How I Became a Lover." This piece uses mixed media in its application of black ink on paper, accented with three water color halos of various sizes distributed across the artwork: two smaller turquoise halos on either side, and one larger orange central to the piece. The piece depicts two incomplete figures. The mid and upper torso and hips are shown of the person on the left, revealing breasts, a stomach, and the shaded area of a vulva. A delicate flower emerges from the shaded area of the vulva, growing on the left side of the torso, curling to the left into a closed inflorescence. To the right, only the top portion of the other person's head is shown, their eyes rest shut, and their head is shown in a slight bow as if their head were resting gently on the stomach of the other figure. Where the forehead of the person on the right meets the stomach of the person on the left, a long and narrow leaf emerges upward toward the left breast, curling back to end within the right breast; the leaf appears integrated with the body of the person on the left. The lines making up the person on the right shift into ribbon-like lines connecting to an open book on the right side of the piece with writing on both pages. No words are discerned on the pages.

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