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I Miss You

I Miss You


2.5 x 2.5 inches

5.5 x 5.5 inches framed

Ink Illustration and Posca Paint on Tea-dyed paper

Visual Art


"I Miss You" reflects special moments of vulnerability between consenting adults and the eventual and inevitable loss of those moments.


Despite the prevalence of mythologies to the contrary, human connection and interdependence are vital to our survival; both are proven to be key factors in longevity. "I Miss You" found me during a moment of loss of a special someone with whom I'd shared intimate moments that left indelible marks on my story.


When we find people with whom to explore the unknown in full vulnerability, we may stumble upon new dimensions of our authentic self. We may discover new levels of wholeness. We may even gain access to new depths of pleasure. This is what many find within the BDSM kink - a space of play and vulnerability in which one gains connection and learns trust; trust of one's self, trust of the unknown, and trust of another.


For many, kink brings a sense of wholeness to their identity. Kink is about finding play which honors the beauty and diversity of our sexuality, and people to share that with. It's about knowing and sharing deep truths and caring for those truths through deep respect, intimate play, and reassuring aftercare. It's about self care manifest through authenticity and intimate and emotional connection.


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  • Buying and Hanging Tips

    • This small piece of bdsm art is well suited to intimate spaces: master bedroom, on your end table, or in the master bathroom are just a few possibilities!
    • This piece is ready to hang or can be placed on a flat surface.
  • Visual Description of "I Miss You"

    Shown in the image is the piece titled "I Miss You:" 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch; 5.5 inch by 5.5 inch framed. The artwork shown is visual art using ink illustration techniques and Posca Paint on tea died paper. Elements of BDSM kink are shown within the piece including a flogger along the left-hand side, a collar to the right of the flogger, and a hook with ball depicted in the lower section of the illustration.

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