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Stickers - Large

Stickers - Large


Growing up in the 90’s, I had a subscription to the Lisa Frank sticker club, and it inspired my dreams of being a sticker maker! I loved getting my regular monthly sticker pack, but sadly I never used them - they were too precious to ever actually be used!


Now I know life is too short: I use stickers as soon as I get them! I put them on my journal, water bottles, walls, and all about town for others to find and get a kick out of. Where and how do you use your stickers?


Okay, enough of the Lisa Frank nostalgia! Today, my dreams are coming true: I've made stickers just for you! And bonus for me: I'm learning that smaller creations, like stickers, help me care for my artistic flow!


Working in the fine arts requires inspiration and an active intuition; these both contribute to finding the coveted artistic flow, and they both need nourishment. I'm discovering that products like my stickers offer just that: a great way to maintain my flow and inspiration in the fine arts, while also offering fun products to my collectors!


My stickers are about having fun, expressing your authentic self, and creating visibility - and they're meant to be used! Each sticker features my original designs using new visual creations, or treasures pulled from my existing work.


Stick them all over or put some scotch tape on the back to put them up anywhere and still be able to move them around without ruining the sticker (it seems I haven't quite recovered from my Lisa Frank days...)

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