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5.75 x 5.5 in.


Mixed Media

ink, thread embroidery, lace, watercolor, arcylic, and crystal on paper




Expanding on the series "The Wisdom of Women," I explore mixed media with a new collection of portraits. Each portrait contributes to a cohesive collection in its own unique way. "W·O·M·A·N" is a collection celebrating women's innate creativity and the power of feminine expression.


Contemporary techniques combined with materials found on my walks, and in my sewing box create these exquisite pieces of art. "W·O·M·A·N" embraces the creative spirit found in making art with everyday objects, placing them in good company with folk art.


This collection explores creative sovereignty and femininity and how the two intersect. I feel called to work with materials often attributed to "women's work" and challenge the definition of "fine art."


I do my very best to color match my website to my paintings. However, colors vary slightly from screen to screen. Be sure to view your purchase on multiple screens.

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