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The Rhythm of Craving

The Rhythm of Craving


**Available at Bitfactory Gallery

Contact Bill Thomason at for purchase or details.**


8.5 x 5.5 inch artwork

11.5 x 7.5 inches framed visual art

Gouache and ink illustration on paper


Change is a universal aspect of the human experience. Reticent or not, life progresses through its cycles, and though change can be scary, to bloom into our most authentic selves, change is necessary . "The Rhythm of Craving" is about a journey through the bloom.


After laying down the lines of "The Rhythm of Craving," I saw the face of the figure and it coincided with a memory of somebody from my life. I followed the sense that this piece should be about, holding in softness, somebody experiencing a beautiful moment of blooming.


This piece ultimately revealed symbolism of the beauty hidden within change for all of us, and the softness we might all need through those times: the progression through a rose lifecycle, ending at a gorgeous, fragrant flower; the snake's familiarity with cycles of renewal through the shedding of its skin; the hands gracing the piece, on either side of the figure, cradling them in softness through their change.


I've experienced my fair share of upheaval, and I've found that a nurturing softness from within, or from a caring person, helps manage the moments when the upheaval might otherwise overwhelm. I hope this piece finds you well and reminds you that change is normal, it often leads to beautiful life moments, and giving yourself softness or receiving softness is a lovely thing to do.


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  • Buying and Hanging Tips

    • Change is constant. Hang this piece where it's reminders of the beauty hidden within change is reassuring.
    • Manifest your best life; hang or place this piece where it acts as a reminder that what you manifest is beautiful!
  • Visual Description of "The Rhythm of Craving"

    Shown is an 8.5 inch by 5.5 inch visual art mixed media ink illustration on paper titled "The Rhythm of Craving." The piece is accented by three colorful halos: a small green halo in the bottom right corner, and two larger halos stacked on top of each other, one green and the other gold. The piece depicts floral, faunal and human elements. The progression of a blooming rose is shown in the top left quadrant, with the earlier stages lower in the piece, progressing to a full rose inflorescence near the top. Central to the piece is the profile of a face with the forehead, left eye, and nose shown, the eyes reveal a gentle forward gaze. The suggestion of a body's profile flanks the face, the hips, backside, and genitals are shown from the side. The body's profile indicates that the person might be assigned male at birth. Two partial arms surround the face and body in relaxed embrace. The shading of the right arm morphs downward into snakeskin and an upside-down snake head with it's mouth agape toward the viewer, fangs shown. The snake head is placed in the lower left quadrant of the piece.

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