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Inspiration During Social Distancing

UPDATE: Offer is closed

Hello Art Lover,

I have had a huge loss in my natural inspiration because of social distancing. Most of the women I paint come from my observations of women I see in the world. I love sitting in a coffee shop, park or even sneaking inspiration from my friends when we are together - I promise I am not a creeper :) - I take note of their body language and take their elegance back to the easel. There I can turn those moments into paintings full of grace, beauty, and feminine power.

Will you help inspire me? Let's spread the love and be together - apart. If you have a camera phone/camera and access to email, you can join me!

What I am asking from you: A picture of you.

What you get from me: If I chose your photo I will turn you into one of my women and send you a hand-drawn piece of art. FREE, just for you.

BONUS: If your portrait becomes a painted original, I will name it after YOU!

A few notes on how to get the best photo:

  1. Take your photo from waste up with your hair up & off your neck.

  2. Fill the frame! The more you let your beauty take up the frame the BETTER!

  3. Have a family member take your picture or use a tripod. (Selfy mode distorts too much.)

  4. Take this photo with natural light. A well-lit photo is best.

  5. I love a resting lipline. Of course, your smile lights the world but let's go all-natural.

Where to email your image: | include name and email (I will contact you if your image is chosen)

Need some ideas on how to pose? Check through and look at past paintings. Get vulnerable, and let your inner self shine. You are a work of art, my friend.

This is a drawing I did of myself. Your drawing will be on a luscious cotton paper.

This drawing can be framed, hung with a clip, tucked away somewhere safe, really anything you wish to do with it is just perfect. I hope it serves as a reminder of how strong and beautiful you are.

Let's inspire each other.

I hope you are staying healthy and finding all the good in the world right now. These times are so shocking and full of so many feelings, AND there is greatness coming from every corner. Where are you seeing the beauty? What feelings are you having right now? I want to hear it all.


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Mar 20, 2020

Love this idea!!!

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