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The Wisdom of Women: Symbols for Guidance

Hello Art Lover,

Big shifts are taking place in my world these days. Living this new way of life in the midst of our world hurting is bringing me to my knees and forcing me to look deeply at my call to create. Specifically, I have been challenged by why I keep painting, drawing, and dreaming of the women I paint. What is it about these portraits that I find so intriguing and why are they commanding my attention with such power? I want to share some clarity that recently changed my world.

Over the last 3 1/2 years, I have struggled to express what these portraits are. Initially, I started making them because I wanted to explore contemporary portraiture while still keeping the women anonymous so viewers could better connect. But connect to what?! I could not answer this question and my why felt flat, empty and impossible for my viewer to connect to. I just knew these portraits were deeply important to me and wielded power I could not explain. Then I had an awakening to what these portraits really mean, and why I create them with you in mind.

Recently, I painted myself a portrait to hang in my home (something I haven't done before). After it's completion I asked my lovely community to help me name her. A sweet someone suggested my Grandmother's name, Louise, and that is when the meaning of these women suddenly fell into place. (Couple this with a recent collector seeing her mother in one of the portraits I painted, my heart found it's center).

I chose to name my painting "Louise." The portrait has a voice and I heard it when I painted this portrait. She became an empowering voice from my Grandmother. Reminding me, every time I look at her to keep persisting, even when it feels easy to give it all up. My Grandmother fought so much in her life to keep going, sometimes she did try to give up, but ultimately she kept persisting. She kept clawing her way forward. I know in my heart because of the battles she fought and overcame, we, her family, are able to sit a little taller and live a little sweeter.

This right here folks, is what these women are. They are our grandmothers, our mothers, our sisters, our goddesses from within, beautifully reminding us of our strengths and reminding us to keep reaching. When we look at these portraits let them serve as symbols of our deepest wishes and the perfect guide to take on anything our heart desires.

More often then not, these portraits find a woman who speaks directly to this magic.

Every time I sit down to create a new portrait I open my heart and ask for Her to speak out Her wisdom through me. At the completion of these paintings, they all have a unique voice for someone to gather enlightenment from. I paint these women for you to hold dear, to place your deepest desires in, to help remind you of your heart fire and that you know exactly what to do next.

Thank you for being so kind and encouraging throughout this journey. Your love and support mean the world to me. Let's keep exploring together and seeking the beauty in these weird days and beyond.

I would love to hear your thoughts about the portraits. Head over to these posts Facebook / Instagram - and we can talk all things art, inspiration, or whatever your heart needs now.


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 16, 2020

You Go Girl! Keep up the good work and the crazy down! keep on sketching.

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