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Coming Out

Coming Out


22 x 30 inches

28 x 35 inches (framed)

Ink on Paper



Life is full of moments of transformation and upheaval, of taking risks from the heart to honor your truth so you might live your life to the fullest. This is the story of "Coming Out."


"Coming Out" started as simple, spontaneous lines, with no preconceived notion of the artwork waiting to emerge.  What I discovered within those lines is a love story of individual and partnered transformation.


For members of the LGBTQ community, the experience of coming out is one of personal revolution, upheaval, discovery and metamorphosis.  For some, this can happen well into life; that is the plot of my personal story.


The act of coming out challenges so many societal narratives, often resulting in pain and abandonment for the brave soul claiming their beautiful truth.  In contrast, "Coming Out," imagines an alternative outcome.


"Coming Out," tells a story of a love that deepens through transformation.  It's a story of unconditional love, of partnership rooted in individual authenticity and autonomy, and of love in abundance.


Whatever your story is, I hope that this piece finds a home in which it may act as a reminder that your authenticity is beautiful, to be cherished, protected, and nourished.


I do my very best to color match my website to my paintings. However, colors vary slightly from screen to screen. Be sure to view your purchase on multiple screens.

  • Buying and Hanging Tips

    • Where in your home would this piece comfort and inspire everyday?
      • Master Bedroom
      • Master Bathroom
      • Home Office
      • Sunroom
      • Living Room
      • Study
    • Choose an accent wall on which the contrast draws visitors to its beauty.
    • This piece makes an excellent coming out gift!
  • Visual Description of "Coming Out"

    The image shows a 22x30 inch (28x35 inches framed) black and white framed original fine art ink illustration on a slightly blue-tinted paper. The photo captures fine line details of the elements within the drawing.


    Elements include: two faces, facing each other, their eyes resting closed. An arm above the two faces provides shelter from a storm cloud above; the arm blocks falling rain from reaching the resting faces.


    A bouquet of intricately illustrated flowers follows what would be the line of the spine of the person on the right. A swan's wing, neck and head compliment the left side of the drawing, with a Monarch Chrysalis and Caterpillar running up the right side. Finally, flowers of milkweed are noted at the bottom-center of the illustration.

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